There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’  Edith Wharton – Pulitzer Prize winner 1921

The energy and power of colour have always fascinated me. Growing up I was drawn to its vibrancy and ability to influence mood. In fact I was seldom without a felt-tip pen, wax crayon or coloured pencil in my hand, making images, experimenting and creating.

This passion for mark making led to a Diploma in Art and Design, followed by a BA Hons in Graphic Design both from John Moore’s University. From here, I gravitated towards illustration and design, producing work for the UK and Europe.

I believe the creative journey is always evolving – and mine took me next to Goldsmiths University, London. I studied an MA in Photography and Film, and discovered a love for the moving image which led me to the world of video and digital film making.

On graduating I worked predominantly for community-based and non-profit clients, delivering filmmaking and creative workshops. These were offered to vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals of all ages, cultures and abilities.

I loved the positive energy created by bringing people together to share their stories and experiences. It was truly magical. I enjoyed teaching new skills, sharing the exciting creative possibilities that film offered and supporting everyone in achieving their goals. In art and film people found their own voices, a way of expressing themselves that was therapeutic and often healing.

The positive energies and sense of wellbeing created through these workshops, led me to becoming a qualified Usui Reiki practitioner and healer. I achieved Master/Teacher Level and became a certified member of the UK Reiki Federation.

As a working artist I appreciate the energetic qualities of colour and light. However, over the past six years and as a holistic therapist, I’ve used this understanding to also help with a range of wellbeing issues. These range from shock, grief, stress and anxiety, to insomnia, debilitating conditions, chronic or acute pain.

In addition to working with Reiki energy, I also hold a Complementary Medical Association (CMA) certificate in Colour Therapy and am presently studying a Diploma in Acupressure.