‘Kerry’s work is characterised by the fineness of expression, the deepening in meaning and tenderness of feeling. I think that she has a cultivation of her own to make the invisible visible.’ Elena Psaralidou – Poet and writer.

Drawing and painting have always been a big part of Kerry’s life. Growing up in Liverpool she was seldom without a pencil, crayon or paintbrush in her hand. This love of creativity led her to study a Diploma in Art and Design and then a BA Hons in Graphic Design at John Moores University Liverpool. On graduating she embarked on a career in illustration and design producing work for the UK and Europe.

Kerry’s artwork tells the story of beauty found in everyday objects and places, breathing life into the mundane and making the ordinary extraordinary. Believing an artist’s self-expression shouldn’t be limited by style or specific discipline she works across a broad spectrum of mediums permitting each to influence her work.

For her an artists’ creative journey is organic and she discovered a passion for the moving image while studying an MA in Photography and Film at Goldsmiths University London. Kerry has worked both commercially and creatively within the field of video and digital film for over 10 years. Her diverse client base include – corporate, creative, theatre, education, local authorities, charities and community engagement groups. She has produced work from short promo videos to multi media campaigns and has worked collaboratively with poets to bring an extra dimension to the written word.

Kerry has taught art classes, filmmaking and multi media skills privately and across a variety of groups to all abilities, cultures and ages.

‘I’m passionate about working with individuals and communities, bringing them together to share their experiences and creativity. I enjoy introducing people to exciting creative possibilities and empowering them with new skills to achieve their goals’.

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