Sceptical about holistic therapies?

You may think of holistic therapies as just hocus-pocus or the latest fad, but they are firmly rooted in science and are becoming ever more popular. In fact, did you know that many are now widely utilised within the NHS? 

The science of energy

This is the geeky bit so please bear with me. Quantum physicists have proved that ‘Everything’ in the universe is made up of energy. They found that atoms in every single thing (including us) are comprised of spinning vortices of energy. And not only does each one vibrate with its own unique energy ‘signature’, it can also absorb and be influenced by the vibrations of other atoms.

So it makes sense that the atoms inside us can influence and be influenced in the same way, by both positive and negative energies. Have you ever been to a concert and felt the atmosphere was ‘electric’? Or sensed that someone didn’t like you? Well that’s quantum physics in action.

’If quantum mechanics hasnt profoundly shocked you, you havent understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.’ – Niels Bohr

How do holistic therapies work?

We are constantly surrounded by energy: light, heat, gravity and sound to name just a few. From ancient times Eastern Medicine has believed that there is a universal life energy or Chi, that keeps us alive. This vital life force flows through our bodies and energy centres (Chakras), nourishing blood, cells and major organs as it goes. Chi also extends out into our subtle body or aura, balancing mental and emotional states. So a strong constant flow of Chi = good health and wellbeing.

The importance of energy flow

Everyday physical pressures like overwork, stress and injury, as well as overwhelming emotions such as sorrow, anger, anxiety and fear can all affect our Chi. And if left unresolved, these issues can create leaks or blockages in our flow of life energy.

Think about electronic circuitry or an engine. An incorrect flow of energy can ultimately lead to problems. This might mean the machine may not run smoothly, or there may be a sudden power surge which could cause it to short circuit. Surprisingly, the human body is not that different. Any imbalances in our internal energy flow often cause problems with how we function and can manifest as discomfort, pain or dis-ease.

Healing from the inside out

Orthodox medicine is extremely effective at treating physical symptoms. However, it provides little support for psychological and emotional pain. If this trauma isn’t attended to, then it can start affecting our body and may in time manifest as a physical problem. Holistic therapies don’t differentiate between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. They treat the whole person to help reduce distress and restore the balance and flow of Chi.

Please be aware that many holistic therapies are complementary and should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice and orthodox medicine.