The power of colour

Colour is everywhere – and scientific research has shown that it possesses fundamental psychological properties. These can directly affect our mood and behaviour, both positively and negatively.

We have an instinctive and an unconscious response to colour, one that can prove vital to our survival. For example if a black fly is buzzing around we might feel irritated, but how might our feelings change if we notice it has yellow stripes? Our reaction is suddenly completely different.

Why use colour in healing?

Light consists of electromagnetic waves of energy that radiate from the universe. Every cell in the body needs light energy and we absorb it through our eyes, skin and our magnetic energy field or aura.

Colour is represented by these different wavelengths and frequencies of light, (as seen in a rainbow). But colour is more than just light, it can affect our very mood and being, lifting our emotional state, helping us to relax, alerting us to danger – and even energising us.

So colour is powerful, especially when you consider that each part of the spectrum resonates with a different energy centre of the body. Each works on a physical, mental and emotional level – and applying the appropriate colour can stimulate and balance our energies.

How does Colour Therapy work?

Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy is non-invasive and uses the vibrational qualities within the colour spectrum to balance the body’s energy to promote health and healing.

Evidence suggests that healing with light and colour dates back to ancient times. Colour therapy can be effective alone or complement orthodox medicine and other holistic therapies. It is safe for children, adults and animals.

How is colour applied to the body?

Coloured light

Placing of coloured silks

Solarised water

Breathing and visualisation